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The quality of the recording is excellent, thanks in part to the neon makeover you're given, which conveniently masks the low resolution of the Kinect camera. The camera is also useful for practicing the premade routines, with the Coach Me mode letting you view your performance to catch any mistakes. Although each character is shown as a static portrait on a menu screen filled with statistics and personality traits, you wind up feeling a genuine sense of attachment to your next of kin. It's an oddly proud moment when you've granted your son his own duchy and he then proceeds to declare his first holy war against your religious opponents. But if you neglect your family members, they'll grow every bit as resentful as a foreign adversary; they may revolt in civil war if they've got the troops for it or plot to kill you with poisoned veal if not. Thankfully, the AI governing these characters is smart and reliable, rarely ever frustrating you with illogical behavior (unless that person happens to bear the insane personality trait). The result is a lasting and profound sense of ownership over your family's dynasty as it passes from one heir to the next. Nearby villages provide a momentary reprieve from all the sword swinging, offering colorful locals to chat with, shops to explore, and minigames to try out. These necessary pit stops are crucial for upgrading and resharpening your katana, as well as restocking health and item power-ups needed to make it through the longer boss stages. You can also hit up the inn to rest and save or lay down some green to compete in skill events, like slicing melons tossed at you with perfect precision, to earn points to put toward unlocking stronger special attack powers. Progressing through the main game unlocks a laid-back Rock Garden mode that blossoms as you accrue steps with your 3DS in sleep mode, a series of timed gauntlet challenges, and even a harder Campaign mode. They're nice extras, and make this one of the richer offerings available on the Nintendo eShop. Disneyland is one of the only places in the world where you can stroll down an idealized version of a small-town American Main Street, visit a haunted mansion, get a hug from Mickey Mouse, soar over London and into Neverland with Peter Pan, and have other wondrous experiences that are normally available only in the imagination. Disneyland Adventures tries to make these and other quintessentially Disneyland experiences available to you in the comfort of your own home. And in many ways, it succeeds. The park is re-created here with impressive accuracy and detail, and the attractions you can visit admirably capture the spirit of the rides that inspired them. Unfortunately, flawed controls mar nearly every aspect of Disneyland Adventures, making what should be a thoroughly enjoyable visit to the happiest place on earth as frustrating as it is fantastical. Abyss' plot is an enjoyable one, constantly offering up twists and turns, enrich

Like everything else about Evoland, the story is as generic as they come; that may make it easier for you to project your memories of whatever games Evoland reminds you of onto the experience of playing it, but it doesn't make Evoland itself any richer. Nor do Kaeris' healing abilities make the turn-based combat any more complex or engaging. The high rate of random encounters is reminiscent of the games Evoland wants to recall, but here, it's only a frustration, reminding you not of how good the games of days gone by were but of why games have largely left this mechanic behind. As an example, the "challenges of the age" you encounter when moving from one age to the next are some of the most important choose-your-own-adventure-style sections in the game, involving a lot of choices that determine whether or not you and your family make it to the next phase of history. The problem is that it is incredibly easy to make the wrong choice and fail a challenge, which kills your family. While an old-school choose-your-own-adventure novel would tell you to turn back to the previous page and try again, 7 Grand Steps forces you to roll back to an "untried sibling"--a brother or sister who may make different decisions than your last pawn did. This is an annoying loss of progress, and it's never made clear why a choice resulted in a failure (other than as a result of seemingly arbitrary narrative decisions), or what you could have done to stop it. Would you have had more success at, for example, making treaties with neighboring cities if only you had completed different legends throughout the game previously? The game doesn't say. From the handful of ships you’ll pilot during the course of the game, the Strike Suit remains the most enjoyable to use for it's ability to transform and out maneuver enemy aircraft. Once you’ve gathered the right amount of flux energy from shooting down enemies and space debris, your suit can change into a nimble mech with considerably stronger firepower and the ability to quickly dash out of harms way. Every shot you fire in strike mode depletes your flux meter, so finding the balance between your two states becomes a critical skill for success in later missions. The advantages the mech brings to the table include the ability to auto-lock onto the nearest target and the potential to train missiles on up to five enemies at once, but be careful: you can still get shot down if you neglect to watch your back. Once you get a taste of juggling the nimble jet and the powerful mech, it’s hard to go back to the less exciting alternatives. It’s too bad that you can’t use it in every mission, but thankfully there are only a few where it’s unavailable. Once the alarm has sounded, the cops are on their way, but you can still manage the situation. Taking civilian hostages delays the armed escalation, keeping the really tough enemies at bay for a while. Moving your loot to a defensible position, closing the metal shutters on a store, or finding planks to board up a window can help you hold out wh

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